There is a legend attributed to King Midas. As legends go there are a number of variations, but the important bits go thus: King Midas made an unwise decision and for this he was punished with a perky set of donkey ears. Midas hid the curse from all but his personal barber. The barber was sworn to secrecy and diligently kept mum for many years. One day the barber woke up and knew he could not contain the secret any longer. He hiked out to a remote location, dug a deep hole and yelled the secret into it. He then covered it up, heaved a sigh of relief and went home.

Of course, in time the hole was disturbed – the secret was out and I’m sure the barber met his own sticky end.

This blog was created as my hole.

I am not particularly full of secrets, but observations. I live in a city and work in the public sector and I see a wide spectrum of humanity every day. I have not always lived in the city nor worked in the public sector – I have had a number or varied employments and some “higher” education – all and none of which seem to really have prepared me for life.

I write and observe from the perspective of someone who has a lot of time to think. I think about how the world is, why it is that way and how I think it should be. I think about how I am and how I would like to be.

I expect better.

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